Photo of Gary Lancashire

44 - Gary Lancashire

Class: A

Team: Red Rose Racing

Gary is a Dental Technician from Lancashire who started racing in 2008

Photo of Gary Lancashire's car

Gary has owned numerous road TVRs and when a Tuscan Challenge car came up for sale he had to have a go. He started racing in 2008 and went straight in at the Deep End with class A Tuscan.

The fast flowing nature of the Anglesey International circuit makes it his favourite racing venue.

When not racing Gary can be found keeping fit or flying remote control Helicopters.

He is supported by Track V Road and uses all of their facilities and by Surface & Design TVR bodywork specialists.

The immaculately prepared car has seen no changes since last season and runs a fuel injected 4.5 litre V8 AJP race engine mated to a T5 gearbox. It produces around 450 bhp and weighs around 900 kg. It is an original Tuscan Challenge race car built by TVR around 1994.

Sonsors: Same Day Smiles Ltd

Red Rose Prosthetics Ltd

For 2016 and onward , Gary will be campaigning a Ginetta GT car in another Series.
The Tuscan was sold to Darren Smith.

We’re sure he’ll have some great driving in his new car, as he did with his Tuscan, and thank him for his years racing TVR’s with us.