Go Racing

How do you do it? What do you need? Will I have to re-mortgage my house? So what’s involved?
Challenge requirements.
1. ARDS ‘National B’ Race licence.
2. Clothing, Overalls, Gloves, Boots and Helmet with correct approvals are mandatory.
3. A TVR to MSA Regulations with Roll cage, Fire system, Race Seat and Dunlop Tyres.

That’s it. With a fairly modest budget, you could be racing this season.
£400 could see you through your Licence. £600 will obtain appropriate Clothing. £3000 could find you a TVR Tasmin to kick off your first season. £2000 could cover a few races in fuel, accommodation, entry fees etc. £6K could get you started.
You have decided that you want to go racing and the TVR is for you. Fantastic, you are now on your way! To compete in the Dunlop TVR Challenge you will need a race licence, more specifically a ‘National B’. How do you get one?

Step 1. You must obtain an application Form.
A ‘Getting started Pack’ from the MSA or Demon Tweaks and contains an MSA Handbook, with everything you need to know about Racing. It has an MSA DVD on how to pass your ARDS test, helpful info on how racing works in the UK and what is required at your first meeting and a numbered Application Form.

Step 2. You must have a Medical with your GP to
Test your vision (eye test and colour test)
Blood Pressure
Heart & Lungs
General fitness
Urine sample (general health and Diabetes)

Step 3. ARDS test. A two part, half day test to ensure that you are competent in a car and have read and understood the Blue book and Track regulations.

On arrival, they will take you through induction making sure that all your paperwork is in order i.e. Application form (including Dr’s stamp) and Full drivers licence. If do not have these in order they will send you home!
From there, you have some class time which includes the playing of the DVD.
Next it’s out on the track for a few laps with the Instructor, who will help you with the Lines for that Circuit. Once he is happy with you, he will let you drive ‘unassisted’ for two or three laps whilst he assesses you. If you are happy on Trackdays and are a competent driver, you will pass this assessment without issue. Failures only come from unsafe or incompetent driving, woeful ignorance of the racing line or if you leave the tarmac at anytime.

Now it’s back to the classroom for the written multiple choice Exam. You must be able to clearly recognise all the Flags and their meanings and answer three fairly straightforward safety questions. This part of the test is 100% only, you must get them right. Then there are around 12 other questions on racing, race day format and general. You must achieve 60% here.

It’s all very straight forward and remember, they want you to pass! The prime function of this exam is to make sure you are
A. Aware of the Rules and Regs

B. Competent and comfortable behind the wheel.

You will now be able to send off for your Licence. Send off your completed form with a Photo and a Cheque to the address on the form and your driving licence style ‘National B’ race Licence will arrive around three weeks later. If you have a race imminent you can fast track this for an additional fee. With your licence in hand you will be able to compete in the ‘Challenge’.

When you finish a race you collect a signature on your licence to say you have completed it. Untill you have collected 6 signatures you will be required to display the novice sticker (black X on a yellow background) which must be attached to the rear offside corner of your race car to make the more experienced racers aware that you are inexperienced and that you may do unexpected things.

The signatures also go towards upgrading your licence. Most people will not need anything higher than a national A licence, as this will allow you to enter UK organised races in europe.

Thanks to Andy Race TVRMonster for allowing us to borrow this from his site and to Graham for the minor update