Making Progress

Ivor Watson takes us through his race at Rockingham.

After Donington & having a reasonable run I decided to put some new Monroe pads in & book a track day to bed them in ready for the next race at Rockingham.

I left home on the Friday about 19:30 pm set the sat nav because I had no idea where Rockingham was, It took a couple of hours & was dark when I got there so I had a couple of beers & got my head down across the front seats of the van (no expense spared you know) morning came & it looked a nice day after sleeping in the front of the van it took half an hour to straighten up.

Because I’m new at it, it always seems a real rush with the signing on then because I don’t have my own transponder I have to find the timing office & hire one, then scrutineering has to be done & I always worry in case I have missed something?which at first all seemed a real bind & with being nervous made it even worse but I must admit I’m getting used to it now & its making sense & slowing down in my head now.

During the qualification session I got my 3 laps in then the remaining laps I used to get familiar with the track & see where the others were turning in etc. I only stayed out for 7 laps because I wanted to get back to the pits & check the car over because I had gone on my own I needed a bit extra time to check things when the time sheets came I saw that the 4 sec gap was still there
between me & Dave Chant but?as it?was my first time at Rockingham & I wasn’t to bothered.

Race 1

On the grid I was behind Dave & decided I would stick to him like glue the lights went out and I just dumped the clutch, ?wow Dave can get off the line like a rocket but didn’t loose much ground then Leigh came past me but not sure what happened to him after that,?I caught up with every one at the hairpin & then stayed with Dave as close as I could but every time we got on the oval section he pulled away until the hairpin then?I was able to stay with him through the infield until I spun out after turn One. I?checked around & Jason Clegg was to my left I stayed there until Jason had passed then carried on & tried to stay with Jason to see if I could get back on Dave, hmm no chance Jason was gone and unfortunately that was that 2nd in class again. After the race Dave came over and?said he had enjoyed the race as its been a pretty lonely year for him with not much competition .

I went back to the paddock after race one checked my tyre pressures & tempseratures had a bit of food ready for race 2

Race 2

Great! Perry was in front of me on the grid he would be gone & Dave was against the wall with a few cars around him when the lights went out I went when we got to the first corner I was in front of Dave I couldn’t believe it I was laughing like a Cheshire cat inside my helmet tried to calm down and stay in front seemed to be pulling away then came to the chicane before the oval got it a bit
squirrely there looked in my mirror yes Dave was right on me. He just powered past me in the last race but I was able to catch him at the hairpin but this time as I was catching again Dan Birch in the Griffith got between us and no matter what I did I couldn’t catch him then without any signs the back end snapped out.
Wow thought I had caught it! but NOPE it backed into the armco the spun & knocked the bonnet off & that was that.

Never mind Oulton Next, roll on October.

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